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Concerts you plan on going to in the near future



  • Going to see David Sedaris tonight. Not sure if that counts as a concert or more of a performance.
  • I can't believe Kitty Pryde has any sort of rap career.
  • Neither can she. And that's one of the reasons I like her.
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    Neither can she. And that's one of the reasons I like her.
    Yep. Also, @Matt: D.A.I.S.Y. Rage is one of the best mixtapes of 2013 if you haven't checked it out yet.
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    Ehhh I've gone through her stuff before. I don't like her at all. Her lyrics are okay but her flow and presentation grate on my brain.
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  • On the subject of female emcees check out Angel Haze. I see good things in her future.

  • Reminds me of this song
  • Steely Dan in September. I know that's going to be awkward as hell because I'm 24, but I really fuckin' love Steely Dan.

  • Anamanaguchi is touring again.
    Hmmmmm they are doing a NYC show on May 17th, and I'll be in the city all day that day, but there is also a board game night at the same time as the Anamanaguchi show, so I'll most likely pass. Their new stuff does sound pretty good though.

  • ...there is also a board game night at the same time as the Anamanaguchi show, so I'll most likely pass.
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    ...there is also a board game night at the same time as the Anamanaguchi show, so I'll most likely pass.
    Truth. Board games are all the time. Anamanaguchi is LIVE MUSIC. Also, maybe promos from stuff on unreleased Endless Fantasy?

    On my side of things, pre-registered for Otakon, which means T.M.Revolution x Home Made Kazoku in August. I don't think it's just one, then the other, I think they're having crossover and doing songs from both. HMK member Micro has accompanied T.M.R.'s other band in songs before, so I think they'll just show up during his songs and have a good time, and T.M.R. will do something during HMK's songs. Or they'll be boring and do one after the other with one or two crossover songs. Either way, great times will be had.
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  • I was at the Doubleclicks concert yesterday and they were ok, I won't go out of my way to catch them again but if they are close to your local area check them out, solid show.
  • CHVCHES tonight.

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    The recent show I saw I'd recommend was Sigur Ros. It was like being in church, you could hear a pin drop in a crowd of 5k at times. Beautiful show with tons of positive emotion. I also saw Trey Anastasio, which had some moments but was pretty firmly in cheesy hippie land overall.

    I'm going to see Portugal the Man. next month. I've seen them once at a festival, and it wasn't great, but they put on a very good Coachella stream performance a few years ago and a friend with good taste swears by them now so I will try again.

    I'll be seeing Phish for a 3-show run at the beginning of August. I may do another run over Labor Day. What can I say, I'm a hippie at heart. Already seen them 42 times. I'll also see Furthur for most or all of a 3-show run in late September. The way the crowd comes together at many of these shows just doesn't compare to anything else out there right now, in my opinion. It's kind of a cultural and spiritual experience as much as a concert. I do wind up turning off the critical part of my brain a bit in order to fully engage.

    I'll probably try to see the NIN evening of my local music festival as well. Put aside whatever you think you know from the famous 90's albums, the live show is mostly aggressive hard rock and Reznor is a surprisingly good live guitarist who seems to have worked through most of his emo-ness.
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    CHVCHES tonight.
    If you like CHVRCHES, you should probably check out Purity Ring.
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  • CHVCHES tonight.
    That song is pretty good, I might need to check these guys out.

  • Nine Inch Nails this fall.
  • I am going to the "Game Over" show in Baltimore next weekend.
  • I just got tickets for Macklemore in DC for November.

  • The Madison Chamber Orchestra gives free weekly concerts outside the state capital building. It's pretty sweet.
  • Gary Clark Jr is playing Boston on Armistice Day weekend. its 18+.
  • Run the Jewels in Asheville. Hopefully I can swing it.
  • Run the Jewels will be at Cap Hill's Block Party and I kinda want to see them, but it wasn't long ago that I went to the Killer Mike/El-P show so I'm not sure.
  • Went to the free Paul McCartney concert they were having on Landsdowne street. I heard you could pay some outrageous amount of money to go into Fenway and actually see him, but I'm not sure why.

    For the uninformed, musicians in the past few years have played gigs at Fenway Park, but the acoustics are such that sitting outside of the park gives one a free concert experience. Slightly modified for the better (like, when the fireworks come out for Live and Let Die, they come out of fucking nowhere, whereas in the stadium you're used to all the flashy lights and shit). It's actually kind of Rock n Roll, and very Bostonian. Craig Finn would be proud.

    Being out there (which is kind of a pun, since he's on the "Out There" tour) was very pleasant and illustrated a grand unifying theory I have regarding him. Everyone loves McCartney. Regardless of age, sex, creed, race, etc., they all love him. You couldn't get this from inside the stadium, where the only people were the ones rich enough to afford tickets -- old white people. But on the street, you saw black people, asian people, young people old people, every people. I saw a woman who must have been as old as Paul himself carrying around a Macbook uStreaming the concert on Landsdowne. I saw a ten year old staring in awe and admiration at the sounds emitting from the stadium. I saw hipsters and grandfathers and middle aged white ladies and every other part of the cultural spectrum you can find in Boston.

    The concert itself was also stunning. If I knew nothing of the Beatles or McCartney or anything, just listening to that concert I would think he was 37. 40 at most. He's kept his performing abilities. He did mix things up a bit, like a ukulele bit in Something that wasn't there before, and an R&B section in the latter half of Hey Jude. The last encore was sheer ecstacy for hard core Beatles fans, though -- Golden Slumbers all the way through The End. Nothing quite beats hearing the real Paul McCartney say live "the love that you make is equal to the love you take."

    I did find it odd that the bulk of his set was Beatles songs. Whereas the other three all tried their hardest to separate themselves from the Beatles, Paul seems to treat it as just another part of his career. Overall, it's probably the best show my young inexperienced self has seen.
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    Saw Portugal the Man last night. They were pretty good, once I got past the hipster-ness of the lead singer and the weird sampling of The Beatles in several spots in their songs. Unfortunately they were definitely tuned for a small room with muddy acoustics (they said the theater was the largest show on their whole tour.) As a result the treble was painfully bright in a lot of spots. I'd see them again, but I'm only going to give them one chance to fix it.

    Got to see the Oakland protesters/rioters over the Martin/Zimmerman verdict march past as I was leaving the theater as well. Frankly I had no idea why they were marching. What a mess.
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    I went and saw Deafheaven on Friday and they had a similar problem of needing a better acoustical space to match their playing.
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  • Tonight I went to see Muse here in Berlin. I've been a fan since about 1999, and this is the first time I've seen them play live. It was a really good show! I was sitting dead center in the upper section, but at the Waldbuhne there isn't a bad seat or standing place in the whole amphitheater.

    Two of the songs they trotted out from the latest album should probably stay as album tracks (Animals and Liquid State), and some of the theatrics were a bit out of place in a non-arena arena show, but other than those few issues I'd give it a top score.
  • Video Games Live tonight. If any of the Southern California FRCF want to hit it up, let me know. I still have some unclaimed tickets!
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    Never thought they'd play anywhere near here but Caravan Palace is playing gigs in Calgary and Edmonton at the end of the month as part of their North American tour. They look so awesome to see live. My levels of "can not wait" are inestimable.

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