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Making Things With String



  • I'm pretty sure that means you start the stockinette section on the Wrong Side of the hat by purling the whole row. Then the next row will be k, then the next p, etc.
  • I just finished this design for my iPhone cross stitch case. Thoughts?

  • Awesome case Ro!

    Making my first shawl, and damn do they take forever. It's a good thing that I'm almost done with though because the recipient is leaving the country in a week. I also managed to get an extra leaf on one side during the 6th repeat, but that just makes it more fashionable, right?

  • Shawls go really fast at first, and then once you get to the outer part it takes FOREVER just to get through one row. Shawls are like knitting cocaine.
  • I made a shawl! Binding off took forever.
  • Sexy dress, hell yeah.
    image image

    Owls still need sequin eyes, but I have to get the sequins.
  • I'm making some safari themed stuffed animals for a friend that is due at the end of the year and I'm looking for yarn recommendations. I know I should use cotton/acrylic to make it easy to wash/less allergy issues so does anyone have a cotton yarn recommendation. Only limitation is I need yellow/brown/white/black/grey colors.
  • I recently made a Groot

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    It's satisfying to know that something (pattern) you made years ago is still being used today by people. :3

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