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Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice & Fire)



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    Chie: It's not Blackfish who is asked to get married to fix Rob's mistake. It's Edmure Tully. Blackfish = badass, Edmure = whiny little bitch.
    Yeah when I wrote that I thought something was off. Regardless, the only names I need are Ser Gregor, Dunsen, Raff the sweetling, Polliver, Ser Ilyn Payne, Ser Meryn, Queen Cersei, King Joffrey (;
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  • It wasn't a BAD episode, it's just that they seem to be saving all the action for one big action ejaculation at the end of the season or something. I am expecting
    the red wedding, Joffrey's wedding, the attack on the wall, and the taking of Yunkai to all go down within one or two episodes. Maybe, just maybe, Sam the Slayer and/or Cold Hands.
    I would assume the
    red wedding, Ygritte dying in the attack on the wall, Yunkai and Sansa's wedding
    will all happen this season. But I think
    Joffery dying, Manse's attack on the wall, Sam the slayer, Jon taking over as Lord Commander, Sandor saving Arya (and somewhat redeeming himself a little more IMO)
    will be happening next season.
    At the rate they are going, they may need to take from books 4/5 for some content for the last episode or two for next season.
    do you think that Osha will leave Bran with the Krenigs and take Rickon?
    Uuuugh, but nothing happens at
    Sansa's wedding! That shouldn't be a blip. It probably will take 3 episodes though, given the current pace. Something needs to happen in King's Landing. It has been dull there for too long.

    Yeah, I don't think Manse will be attacking this season. They have too much to do with Stanis, and that doesn't happen til later. And John definitely won't be taking over a lord commander for a while! That doesn't happen until well after Sam gets back. I meant the small attack from the wildlings inside the wall.

    I wish Osha would take Rickon and leave already. God, she is annoying. Maybe they have to figure out how to extricate her since they didn't have the Reeds with Bran from the beginning. I honestly don't know what they will do.

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    Summer is coming.
  • Ohh I want to do that with a bunch of Nerf/Dollar Store foam swords.
  • Finally!
    Sam the Slayer
  • There was some serious nipple action this episode, plus some almost-shaft. They wanna make sure we aren't bored I guess.

    Good episode tho.
  • Yeah, but next episode. NEXT EPISODE!!!

    Thankfully Monday is Memorial Day, so I have no work. I will be staying up to torrent GoT immediately and watch it that night.
  • I watch it Sunday night anyway. Is work more important? No. It objectively is not.
  • Yeah, but this Sunday is a really important Episode. Arya learns that drugs are bad, and Joffery finally becomes a good guy thanks to Margery. But seriously
  • So I have skipped previews of next weeks episode, but how do we know those things happen other than the books? We have yet to hear what's going on with Any of the Stark Boys, including Theon, from last episode, so we'll have to hear from them I think this Sunday.

    Also it was interesting watching Tyrion and Shae maneuver the way they do with Sansa in the room.
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    Well if you look at the title of the next episode, there is a good chance of:
    The Red Wedding.

    The title of the episode is The Rains of Castamere.
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  • There was an article yesterday where the woman who plays Robb Stark's wife was talking about how a series regular no longer wants to get nekkid. There are multiple things hilarious about that article for anyone who has read the books and knows the future.
  • Crop out all nudity + fade to black on all sex scenes IMO
  • Butt body doubles also.
  • Just in case anyone didn't know, there will not be an episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 due to the Memorial Day holiday. Apparently last year's Blackwater episode had a pretty large dip in ratings due to it being on the Sunday before Memorial Day, so the next episode will be June 2nd.
  • Sadface. I was looking forward to actually being able to catch an episode on time.
  • grumble grumble!
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    I don't blame them for wanting all eyes ready for such a big episode. These shows rely in part on the water cooler effect both in person and on the internet. I was sad when I realized we'd have to wait week though.
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    Making a feast tonight to celebrate Robb's wedding :)
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  • Yeah I'm stoked for tonight. I'm considering busting out a beer I've been saving for a while; but no-one else here to share it with ;_;

    OOOOOR, more for me >:3
  • 'Twas a nice day for a...Red Wedding...

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  • Oh man. I and the other GOT readers have been waiting for this episode for so long. I still gasped though when they stabbed Robb's preggo wife's babby bump, that was just awful. In the book she isn't at the wedding, her mom picks her up from Riverrun, forces her to drink moon tea (aka the abortion pill), and they go back home and never do anything again in the books. This was much more harsh! :( Somewhere GRM is feeling very good about himself. *grumble*

    Also I read an interview with the actors' reactions, and Michelle (Catelyn) was all sad about leaving the show and stuff. Well if I interpreted one of the more.. "interesting".. plot lines in the books correctly, won't they need her to come back again? :P

  • So they did Sam the Slayer. (last time.) Very anticlimactic with no Brothers around to make a big deal out of it. Also, did he leave that knife on the ground when they ran away? WTF?

    We will watch the RW & co tomorrow, and I don't wanna spoil myself more than I already am (thanks Facebook people who can't even wait for the show to air on the west coast). So off to bed I go!
  • Yea, it was interesting that they had her be at the wedding instead of at Riverrun. I was wondering if they were going to use her differently but I guess since in the book she's super sidelined after that, so why not just kill her off.

  • That moment when the band started playing the song and the look at Catelyn's face.

    That was so messed up.

    One day the Starks will get some love. At least I hope so. :'(
  • Robb was supposed to name Jon heir to Winterfell as well as his wife no going to the Twins. I must have missed the moon tea part with Jayne. I am just happy that Rickon is finally parting ways with Bran. Ygritte was supposed to shoot Jon in the leg (grumble).
  • I have no words to properly express my feelings on the latest episode so I'll leave you with this for now.

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