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How much would you pay for this forum?



  • The logo is a little aesthetically jarring, but so not a big deal.
  • Are email notifications working for anyone since the switchover? They're not for me.
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  • Can the mousepad be that doctored photo of Rym with a gimp mask and the Mudkips?
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    It's pretty small so you'd need a background
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  • image

    Took a stab at altering the GeekNights logo, because... bored.

    What's yay, what's nay?
  • I like the pointing.
  • Rym said:

    I like the pointing.

    The wire along the bottom, where the wire meets the hand, where the arm protrudes from the head, where the wire crosses over the "E", and the pointing finger all have really strange and noticeable tangents. Both of the "G"s have some strange spacing near the point where they clamp shut. The second letter E has it's top indentation solid filled while the first letter E has both indentations empty. The space between the final T and S feels a bit strange compared to the rest of the letters that are squished up tight. Also, the font for the caption is a mismatch with the title font.

    Still, it's way way better than I can do.
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